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Rebecca loves babies. Rebecca kisses babies but Rebecca is not a politician. In fact Rebecca is a mum and a midwife. A mum and midwife who after years of working long gruelling hours (often doing shift work) and struggling to make ends meet, decided it was time to give birth to a different type of baby, her own start up business. Kiwi Living was born on April 30 2007.

Kiwi Living's purpose: to provide affordable designer children's products at prices ordinary mum's and dads can actually afford. With a practical working knowledge from years on the wards in South Auckland and an eye for design Rebecca set about sourcing and designing her very own product range which she and her now husband Ritchie sell direct to the market. Well that was then....

...and this is now. You see at birth Kiwi Living's future was all mapped out: Provide better quality. A more practical product. Beautiful products at beautiful prices. Seemed simple enough. Find a product, design a product, sell a product. Since then though we've learnt a thing or too about our fellow mums and dads. Like us they're smart and resourceful and they're full of good ideas.

In the meantime if you have a bright idea a new design or product you think would serve parents better or just can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line or jump onto our Blog.
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